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Option 3: Conduct a contemporary Issue Analysis

This option requires you to apply the knowledge on issues pertaining to immigration and the immigrant experience you’ve gained over the course of the semester to a contemporary issue/current event of your choice.
First, you will need to select a contemporary issue that deals with issues surrounding immigration or the immigrant experience.
Once you have made your choice, you will need to locate a news article aimed at the public that deals with this topic – whether this article appears in a national or local publication does not matter, it just cannot come from an academic journal or government/non-profit. I recommend picking the source that will given you the most material with which to work! Keep in mind; you are only considering the way this single news article frames that issue, so you are not required to do any additional research on the topic.

Tasks to complete in Your Essay:

After picking your news source, you will need to write a minimum of 5+ page (double-spaced) paper that critically interprets and analyzes this news source.

What viewpoint does the article represent?
Who is if targeting?
What preconceived ideas are embedded in the article?
Why have the events of the article taken place?

Please note – You will want to provide a brief description of your contemporary issue before beginning you interpretation and analysis, but this description should be no more that a paragraph, as details from an about your news source will be included throughout you essay as evidence for your argument. In other words, do not merely summarize the contents but present your own unique and informed analysis of the issues involved. You will use the course materials to inform you analysis of your news source and, while there is no set number of terms or articles I expect you to support you argument (nor do you have to directly quote courses texts if you do not wish to do so), I should see evidence of this throughout your paper.
You will need to conclude your paper with a consideration of ow you believe your news source contributes to the larger discourse surrounding the contemporary issue and, accordingly, what type of political work it does out in the larger culture.

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