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Writing Assignment #2: The Public Face of Mental Health

_Due: 11/27 (Postpone)
_ Please select one current news story from popular media and one current podcasr episode related to mental health(e.g., disparities, availability, stigma, delivery, access, utilization, effectiveness, quality, funding, policy). You may select one artucle and one podcast episode that are entirely different from one anoterh, or you may select two algned by one unifying themse. Provide a copy (or link to) each article and episode alongside your written reaction (refleection paper). APA-formatted papers should be 4-5 double-spaced pages, not including the title page and references page. You may prepare separate reactions to your two sources, or one reaction that includes reflections on both. Select one article or episode to share with you classmates ( You will have 5 minutes to introduce the main theme and questions raised by the article/episode). Be prepared to facilitate and contribute to discussion.
Question to consider:
Audience Segmentation: Who is the audience for the news story/episode you selected (e.g., demographics, who’s included, who’s missing); Who was the author/host? (e.g. Journalist, scientist, consumer)
Scientific communication: To What extent does the article/episode cite primary sources (i.e., academic journals) – to what extent is science accurately or mispresented? To What extent are findings contextualized in a broader scope of literature? To what extent would more (complete) information or less (complex) information be recommended toward informing readers?
Public Face of Psychology: What does the public take away from the news story/episode with regard to perceptions of psychology and. or mental health (health, education)? What is the reader/listener left with to inform decision making (e.g. about whether or not to seek mental health care; regarding stigma; understanding the causes or correlates or a disorder).

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