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Pick any music video, post it here, and analyze it based on the following:

What is the tone of the music video?  Upbeat/dark/dramatic/comedic/etc?  Does it fit with the type of music that is being performed?  
Break down the camera movements throughout the video.  What type of camera techniques are employed?  Do they enhance or distract from the overall music video?  
How many cuts do you count throughout the music video?  Does the pace of cuts change?  Are there any types of montage (metric, rhythmic, tonal, overtones, intellectual) employed in the cutting?  Are there any special transitions or VFX utilized?  
Is there a theme or overall story to the music video?  Any subtext or hidden messages you think the artist is trying to hint at?  
Lastly, if you can find the director of the music video, what other work have they done and is their style apparent in their other projects?  

The breakdown doesn't have to be overly lengthy. This is mostly an exercise to get you brainstorming ideas and perhaps "borrowing" concepts from other music videos that you enjoy.

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