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Individual Position Paper discussing the special education topic Special Education: Children with Autism

  1. Produce an individual position paper (maximum 5 pages) discussing a special education topic of interest to you.Please use APA format (headings, citations, etc.). All final work MUST be well edited. I need the topic outline, the rough draft, and the final paper separately because I have to submit them on different dates. I will attach an example of the topic outline. a. Topic Outline 50 points (2/3/23) b. Rough draft 50 points (2/12/23) c. Final Paper 100 points (3/6/23)

Unit 4 DB: Community Fair
Last week each of you prepared a professional PowerPoint Presentation for a potential outreach event that featured your practicum agency. For this week for this week’s discussion post your completed PowerPoint presentation with a brief synopsis of the information that is on it.
Review at least two (2) of your classmates’ presentations. Be sure to ask 1-2 questions about their agency and relate how your agency might interact with theirs. Use your readings to support your initial post as well as your replies.

unit 4 community fait discussion.docx

Unit 4 DB: Client Questions
Assume you are employed by the Midtown rehabilitation Center, the Agency discusses in the textbook, as an intake interviewer. How do you answer the following questions that your client has during the initial meeting? For this forum, your initial response can be formatted in bullet points to address each question. Be sure to also provide justification for your response.

  • How often will I come to see you?
  • Can I reach you after the center closes?
  • What happens if I forget an appointment?
  • Is What I tell you confidential?
  • What if I have an emergency?
  • How will I know when our work is finished?
  • What will I be charged for services?
  • Will my insurance company reimburse me?
    In response to your peers, provide feedback on the responses to the above questions. Please also identify additional questions that a client may have based on your peer’s responses.

Unit 4 DB discussion.docx