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Final Paper due

Final paper written from a managerial perspective
Remember to write your final paper from a managerial prospective. You are the manager, supervisor, director, etc. in charge.

The student will select a company, (either the company they work for now, a company they worked for in the past, or a company they are interested in writing about; for example Tesla, Apple Microsoft, etc.) The body of the paper consist of the following: the management style or styles that the student selected, why the student selected that particular management style, and how the employees under the student’s supervision will benefit from the type of management style or styles that were selected.

Remember, the whole purpose is for you to explain which management style or styles you will use with your employees as a manager in the company you selected. This is if you select the company you work for now or in the past. If you pick a company you never worked for, then you have to conduct research and see why that management style or styles you selected is best.

Below are some examples of different management styles, keep in mind, you do not have to select these management styles. There are many more, these are just examples. Remember, this list is also included in blackboard under Final Paper Example Topics tab:

Management by Walking Around (MBWA)
Asian Paternalistic**

The paper should not exceed (10) pages in length, inclusive of all sections. The introduction should provide a brief but sufficient foundation for understanding the case, its key facts and pressing issues. Students should focus their efforts in the body of the paper by providing adequate analysis based on the facts of the case, as opposed to an elaborate description of such facts.

Below is the full description and outline of your final paper:

A Case Analysis Paper (Final Paper) is due on the last class session.

Students are required to analyze a case study to be assigned by the professor. The case study analysis paper must be submitted using APA-style formatting. Students must address the topic in sufficient depth, and are expected to supplement their analysis with research that goes beyond what is presented in the case and textbook. Good writing, consistent logic and cogent arguments are positive traits of any written assignment and will be considered for grading purposes. Students are required to use proper APA-style in-text citations and referencing.

The case study analysis paper must contain the following sections:

APA style cover page

Briefly summarize the key facts, scope and aspects of the case.

Body of the paper

Summarize your findings and recommendations.


You should have a minimum of three references. You should include the book as one already.

Remember to write your paper in third person not first person.
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An Investigation on the Impact of Economic Empowerment of Rural Women on Poverty Mitigation in Bogra District , Bangladesh

Professor Correction-

Your research question is too broad and not specific; the four villages should be in the research question.
Your subquestions are not logically derived from the main research question. Look at the different elements in the overarching question and bring them down in the subquestions.
Your questionnaire could be derived from the subquestions.
100 interviews is a lot: don’t you think fifty will be enough? In particular if you want to go deeper.
Why not do group interviews with women who are in savings groups?
There is a lot of literature on micro-credit in particular on coercion that is often used in these programmes. This could help you to come with some deeper analysis

My requirement-

*Literature Review(will be presented in a broad way like counter/logical, positive views as well as negative views regarding the research question)- at least 5 to 6 pages literature review.
*data will be presented with a bar chart/table.
*conceptual framework with diagram,
*dependent variables, independent variables,
*Indicate control group and relationship between cause and effect.
*Identical Empirical Analysis and result findings(Null Hypothesis and alternative),t-test,
*Theory of change(assumptions,input,output,activities,outcome,impact will be presented with a tabular form)
*Correlation test
*any of this model at your convenience-----Ordinary least square(OLS) model or Linear Regression Model(LRM)
*Appendix and so on I might forget any other important term to write please add those on your own.

Bibliography: You will create a bibliography in Microsoft Word on one of the following time periods of your choice: A) pre-1732 B) 1732-1783 C) 1783-1812 D) 1812-1830 E) 1830-1865 F) 1865-1877 G) 1877-1895 H) 1895-1926 I) 1926-1946 J) 1946-1962 K) 1962-1983 L) 1983-2002 M) 2002-2023 N) the role of citizens under Georgia’s constitution O) the role of the legislative branch in Georgia government P) the role of the executive branch in Georgia government Q) the role of the judicial branch in Georgia government R) the role of local governments in Georgia (30%). The format of the bibliography must be based on the Chicago Manual of Style (20%). Fifteen sources must be used in the bibliography, and only primary sources and scholarly sources may be used. The bibliography must include at least one primary source housed in the Georgia Archives or the National Archives at Atlanta. (50%). The bibliography will be submitted as a Microsoft Word document through the Assignments section of Desire2Learn.

Current News You will need to find one current (published within the last 4 months in North America, Primarily in Canada) news article that have some connection to course content (such as role of management, Leadership/Management in a Buisness, Organizing or Human Resources, Company Planning, Group Dynamics, Change in Workplace/Leadership & Management etc.) and learning. For each article: Provide the article reference - author, title, date, and source. If a web source, share the direct link to the article as well. Include a one-page summary/analysis for the article: Briefly summarize the article. In several paragraphs, identify links to course content/learning. Why is the article relevant and how does it relate to some element of course learning? How does this article help construct your vision of business leadership as learned in the course? Leadership Quote Locate at least one leadership quotes from a real current or former organizational leader. You will create a visual poster or collage built around the quote. You will: Identify the leader’s name and share the quote. Explain why the quote is important and how it resonates with you. Make connections to some element of course content/theory in a meaningful way (at least one written paragraph for each quote). Personal Intent Statement You will create a personal intent statement. This is a several-paragraph statement that quickly captures your abilities and where you are heading in your life. Your statement should include and make reference to: Your personal strengths and advantages. Identify areas for growth - weaknesses. (Strengths: Hard Work, Initiative, Commutive, Good at TeamWork etc. Weakness: Procastination, Poor Time Management, Poor Self Regulation when I have things left to do ) A brief reflection on jobs you see yourself doing in the future. (Go to post secondary and start a job in potential engineering & IT field. Save money and start a buisness related to my career. I look up to buisnesses and companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple etc.)<- Write something related to my career. You may organize your Portfolio in one of the following methods: A word-processed document in business report style. An electronic presentation (e.g., Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, etc.) Infographic. ( I do not recommend this but if it can be neatly done, kindly go for it. I suggest using infographics as extra detail in one of the assignments.) Other. Rubric Attached!

Part1 Using one of the following quotations, explain how you justify differentiated instruction for all students. Use information from journal articles and/or your textbooks to justify your choices. Be sure you include citations to your sources in your post. Select ONE: “You cannot teach a person can only help him to find it in himself.” — Galileo “Let the world know you as you are...not as you think you should be.” — Fanny Brice “One can never consent to creep...when one feels the impulse to soar.” — Helen Keller “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.” — Benjamin Disraeli

Part 2 Understanding the characteristics of students related to their needs, interests, and abilities can help us build a relationship with them to set high expectations for growth academically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Describe the individual, small group, and whole group profile of a classroom environment. Explain specific strategies for building student relationships that will influence student motivation in a classroom environment. Explain strategies you would use for building on those relationships to communicate high expectations over the course of the academic year. Reference your textbook and journal articles to reinforce your strategies with research. Consider the following questions: Describe the individual, small group, and whole group profile of a classroom environment. What specific considerations do you want to be mindful of based on academic, social, or emotional data? Do you have any struggling or high ability learners? Do you have any students with special needs? Do you have any students who are English Learners? Explain specific strategies for building student relationships that will influence student motivation. Explain strategies you would use for building on those relationships to communicate high expectations. Use information from journal articles and/or your textbooks to justify your choices. Be sure you include citations to your sources in your post.