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Assignment 3: PowerPoint Presentation Assignment

Title: Curriculum Policy changes post-1994

Create a PowerPoint that presents the curriculum changes that took place in South Africa post-1994 up until the current Curriculum and Assessment PolicyStatement (CAPS).
Your PowerPoint must include notes which discuss in more detail the reforms that took place.
Finally conclude your comparison with a discussion on which curriculum you think is better suited and why.

Marking Guide Rubric
Structure and conventions of PowerPoint presentations 2 points
Content and knowledge of curriculum changes 6 points
Discussion (notes) of curriculum changes/ 6 points
Discussion on which curriculum is better and why. 4 points
Referencing and Honour Pledge 1 points

Assignment 2 - Writing Essay

Title:The impact of Apartheid on South African Education
Within the context of education in the 1900’s in South Africa, write an essay of 1800 - 2000 words (including references) where you discuss to what extent education was used as a means of repression and/or resistance.

Marking Guide (Rubric)
Factual detail 8 points
Critical analyses and discussion 8 points
Logic flow of argument and academic writing 5 points
References 1 point
Honour Pledge 1 poin

See the assignment 2 eGuide instructions for more details

Philosophy Essay Writing Assignment

Title: The major educational events in South Africa during the period of 1900–1994

Develop and present a timeline that a highlight a section of major education events (any major
events between the period Pre-Colonial – 1990s).
Critically discuss your chosen event in more detail in paragraph format (±500-800words)
End your timeline presentation with a final paragraph (±400 words) in which you make
concluding comments about what stood out or struck you in the historical accounts
presented; and reflect specifically on what you learned from that which you have identified.
Include a reference list.

The Assignment will be marked based on the following Marking Rubric
Identification of the major event in Timeline format ( as per the assignment) 7_points
Event critically analysed and discussed 7_points
Final comment discussion 7_points
Referencing 1_points
Honour Pledge 1_points

3-4-page Essay Structure

Title: Something descriptive- not cute- about your paper. Often related to your main argument(s).

Introduction: Introduce your topic. What is it that you are discussing and why is it interesting? Orient your reader to what follows. Relate your thesis in a general fashion to the materials that you will be discussing. This should be neither overly broad nor too specific. Have a thesis: A topic or theme that reasonable people might debate or disagree about (i.e., not “the sky is blue” or “wars are destructive” or “wars cause hardship”). Argue something; don’t just say/describe what happened!

Paragraphs: Introduces evidence that supports the ideas or concepts necessary to advance your thesis. These are in turn supported by concrete examples/evidence that serve to illustrate and back your claims/arguments.

Paragraph A:
Paragraph B:
Paragraph C:
Paragraph D:
Paragraph E:
In each paragraph, explain how your evidence supports the main ideas and/or concepts that the paragraph is intended to make/advance. Don’t just say what happened next !!
Conclusion: Neatly summarize how your ideas illustrate your overall thesis. Explain why the way you handled your evidence to support your main ideas was persuasive.

Writing a Thesis-Driven Paper.docx

Term Paper:

A Case Analysis Paper (Final Paper) is due on the last class session.

The case study analysis paper must be submitted using APA-style formatting. Students must address the topic in sufficient depth, and are expected to supplement their analysis with research that goes beyond what is presented in the case and textbook. Good writing, consistent logic and cogent arguments are positive traits of any written assignment and will be considered for grading purposes. Students are required to use proper APA-style in-text citations and referencing.

The case study analysis paper must contain the following sections:

APA style cover page.
Briefly summarize the key facts, scope and aspects of the case.

Body of the paper.
Summarize your findings and recommendations.

References. (A minimum of 3 References).

Note: The paper should not exceed ten (10) pages in length, inclusive of all sections. The introduction should provide a brief but sufficient foundation for understanding the case, its key facts and pressing issues. Students should focus their efforts in the body of the paper by providing adequate analysis based on the facts of the case, as opposed to an elaborate description of such facts. The body will consist of the following; the management style that the student selected, why the student selected that particular management style, and how the employees under the student’s supervision will benefit from the type of management styles that were selected. Remember, you are writing the paper from a managerial standpoint.