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  1. Describe the entire process of a service business (hospitals) in a way that if a third person reads the description they can easily plot the value stream map.
  2. Plot the value stream map for the hospital business process using a diagram.
  3. Identify and explain improvement opportunities within the business process.
  4. Plot the value stream map after implementation improvement opportunities using a diagram.

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Choose a country to research

• This country should not be your home country. Ask your teacher to approve the country of your choice in order to avoid overlap between different students.
• Get into the habit of following the economic news about the economy you are researching using different news sources.
• You are advised to show trends in macro performance over the last decade. Use data, tables and graphs, and/or create your own graphs and tables to present the research.

Use the following details to help structure your essay.

Task 1 - GDP and economic growth (20 marks)
• Research and comment on the GDP / GDP per capita of the chosen economy
• Explain the main reasons for the economic growth/decline over the last decade
• Describe the business/economic cycle in the context of the chosen economy

Task 2 - Unemployment (20 marks)
• Research and comment on the levels of unemployment in the economy researched
• Analyse how the Government can effectively reduce unemployment in the economy (either analyse the current policies used and/or make suggestions of policies that may be used)

Task 3 - Inflation and balance of payments (20 marks)
• Research and comment on the inflation levels and balance of payments of the economy
• Explain the impacts of inflation and the balance of payments the economic agents

Task 4 - Economic Policy (20 marks)
• Discuss the use/effectiveness of economic policy (demand or supply side policy) to impact the economic cycle (either analyse the current policies used and/or make suggestions of policies than may be used)

Task 5 - Presentation and Referencing (20 marks)
• Check your work for spelling and grammar
• Present you work in an acceptable format
• Use Harvard referencing

Extra Details about your assignment:
• You will need to provide a bibliography of at least 6 references in your essay. You will need to use Harvard referencing.

• Your report needs to show:
o Proof that you have researched and analysed information.
o Critical thinking and analysis.
o Economic theory.
o A high quality of written English and a logical flow to your essay.

Extra Guidance for your Research:
You may use the following databases to find data:
• Trading Economics
• World Bank DataBank
• United Nations Database
• International Labour Organisation (ILO) Statistics and Database
• Other sources advised by your tutor

You must not reference any user-generated sources of information such as Wikipedia or forums. You
could read these to get a general overview for your own understanding, but they should not be used in your references as they are not always reliable sources of information. If you are unsure of what is expected of you, please speak to your tutor.

Find an attached file for further instructions.

macroeconomics essay on Bolivia.docx

It's physical Chemistry lab report about the combustions. It should be about 1800 words. We have burn 5 types of fuels to see how much used from each of them to get the water 20 digress up from the starting temperature of it. I need to have 6 - 7 references including 4 references from books I will upload the assignment brief, in this assignment we will have 4 - 5 lab reports, this is one of them Please follow the criteria. In addition there is an Excle file for the results should be handled with the assignment. The mean thing I need the report to be about this list by this order Abstract, Introduction, Method, Risk assessment, calculations, Results, conclusion and evaluation. I would really appreciate your help.

chemistry combustion labaratory report.docx

Does the knowledge of being in a high-risk flood area affect housing prices?
Use the summer 2021 floods and flood risk disclosure in London as an experiment (more info here) which lead to an increase in interest in floods as seen on Google Trends. Some areas, such as those flooded, will have more impact than others. You can download data for the flood risk maps from here. You can implement a DD using areas exposed vs non-exposed before and after the event. You can find a related paper on this matter here.

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Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing
Questions 10 through 12 are based on hypothesis testing and confidence intervals. In the different textbooks you will find many criteria about when to use normal distribution and t distribution for solving these problems. Some of the criteria defined are based on approximation that when sample size is large, t distribution can be approximated to normal. However, here when you are using technology to solve problem, stick to criteria that when population standard deviation is known, normal distribution is used. In all other cases or respective of sample sizes, t distribution is used.
Q10) Consider variable overall satisfaction with the dining facility variable.
a. At 90% confidence, estimate the overall satisfaction with the fining facility.
b. At a 10% significance level, can we conclude overall satisfaction is different from 3.5? Explain criteria used to reach conclusion.
Q 11) Let’s perform analysis on satisfaction based on frequency of visit variable. You may find table completed in Question 4 useful for this analysis. At 5% significance level, test the hypothesis that those who visit dining facility daily are less satisfied that those who to not visit facility daily, In the answers provide test statistics, P value and conclusion. Use subscript 1 for daily visit and 2 for those who don’t visit dining facility daily.
This question is an example of inferential statistics that can be addressed by our expert writers.

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