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Modern World SP23

What was the intended purpose of the Marshall Plan?
Which of the following nations was NOT involved with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?
Which of the following groups of people experienced the highest death toll because of the war in Europe?
Postwar Europe appeared especially weak in the presence of which two nations outside of Europe?
In what way did the emergence of dozens of new nations in the 1950s and 1960s change international relations?
In how many large waves did the dismantling of the colonial empires take place following the war?
Which of the following developments in Asia did NOT contribute to the emergence of the Cold War?
What were the two zones first created in occupied Germany following World War II?
Which of the following was NOT a negative impact that World War II had on Europe?
Which of the following is TRUE of the Soviet Union during the Cold War?Which of the following is TRUE of the Soviet Union during the Cold War?

Module 4 Discussion

Complete Task 2 on page 248. Post a screenshot of your Wilcoxon output and explain the findings. Discuss why you think the Wilcoxon is most appropriate for this data and if you have questions about the analysis. Respond to others about their findings and help if others need help explaining the results.
Students will post twice each week during each of the modules with an initial post on WEDNESDAY

Task 2: Both Ozzy Osbourne and Judas priest have been accused of putting backward masked messages on their albums that sublimially influence poor unsuspecting teenagers into doing things like blowing their heads off with shotguns. A psychologist was interested in whether backward masked messages could have an effect. He created a version of Britney Spears's Baby one more time' that contained the masked message 'deliver your sould to the dark lord' repeated in the chorus. He took this version, and the original, and played one version (randomly) to a group of 32 people, Six months later he played them whatever version they hadn't heard the time before. So each person heard both the original and the version with the masked message, but at different points in time. The psychologist measured the number of goats that were sacrificed in the week after listening to each vversion. Test the hypothesis that the backward message would lead to more goats being sacrificed using Wilcoxon signed-rank test (DarkLord.sav)

Questions to consider in this module's discussion forum post:

  1. How can the consumption of other cultures be simultaneously harmless (or even beneficial) AND exploitative?
  2. How might it be 'ok' to love the other?
  3. Is the type of cutural appropriation we've been covering the last few weeks avoidable when we do not have a homogenized (ie, all the same society?

Feel free to incorporate the texts from module 9 as well, as this module is a continuation of similar themes. And don't forget, because there is not lecture you are responsible for one orignial discussion post and two peer response posts.

Picking up the Pieces Essay

Using the ideas evidence provided in the 2 Lowe readings listed below: In no less than 600 words, discuss the challenges that Europe confronted in the immediate post-WWII era. Touch on the scale of destruction, social dislocation, and emerging political divisions. Anchor your response in the assigned reading by providing concrete details and page numbers to support your analysis. Use the following two chapters from the Lowe's Savage Continent: "Physical Destruction" and "Absence."