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Pick any music video, post it here, and analyze it based on the following:

What is the tone of the music video?  Upbeat/dark/dramatic/comedic/etc?  Does it fit with the type of music that is being performed?  
Break down the camera movements throughout the video.  What type of camera techniques are employed?  Do they enhance or distract from the overall music video?  
How many cuts do you count throughout the music video?  Does the pace of cuts change?  Are there any types of montage (metric, rhythmic, tonal, overtones, intellectual) employed in the cutting?  Are there any special transitions or VFX utilized?  
Is there a theme or overall story to the music video?  Any subtext or hidden messages you think the artist is trying to hint at?  
Lastly, if you can find the director of the music video, what other work have they done and is their style apparent in their other projects?  

The breakdown doesn't have to be overly lengthy. This is mostly an exercise to get you brainstorming ideas and perhaps "borrowing" concepts from other music videos that you enjoy.

In your new role as chief human resources officer (CHRO) for a major retail organization, you have been tasked by the CEO to conduct a presentation to the management team on employment law awareness within your first 30 days. The CEO informed you that under the previous CHRO, the company was subject to legal action resulting from lack of knowledge of employment law, which had unfavorable outcomes. Avoiding similar experiences is a high priority, and your thorough presentation to the management team is the first big step to success.

Assignment Instruction
Instructions Prepare a 15–20 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you: Include cover, agenda, conclusion, and reference list slides, all of which may count toward total slide count. Provide a 1–2 slide overview of employment law based on information found in Chapter 1 of Employment Law for Human Resource Practice. Note: You may use your discretion to decide which information needs to be addressed as long as your overview is descriptive and relevant. Include in the remaining slides the following required presentation information: Provide a three-slide minimum covering at least six strong bullet points highlighting a discussion on the roles of employees and employers in terms of determining employment relationships. Provide a three-slide minimum covering at least six strong bullet points highlighting a discussion on the concept of employment discrimination. Provide a three-slide minimum covering at least six strong bullet points highlighting a discussion on the types of discrimination. Provide a three-slide minimum covering at least six strong bullet points highlighting a discussion on retaliation.

in your new role as chief human resources officer.txt


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The purpose of this discussion is to reflect on and share the things you have learned in this class.

Think about your learning experiences over the entire class. Identify something that made you go "wow" in this class- what surprised or impressed or shocked you? Try not to repeat a "wow" you wrote about earlier.
Describe why this thing stood out to you.  Use quotes from your readings and research to support your observations. Make sure to use your primary sources!
Include an illustration from the period and make sure you caption the illustration.
Share two or three new words you've learned from this module 5, and the definitions.
Your Wow statement should be at least 100-150 words, not including the citations.
By Sunday, respond to the Wows of at least two other students with at least a couple of sentences.

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Academic writing refers to the written work that is produced as part of academic research and scholarship. It is characterized by its use of formal language, its attention to detail and evidence, and its adherence to specific conventions and guidelines.

Academic writing can take many forms, including research papers, essays, literature reviews, lab reports, and dissertations. It is generally expected to be objective, analytical, and based on evidence from credible sources. The writing should be presented in a clear and logical way, and should be supported by evidence and research.

Academic writing should also use formal language, avoiding colloquial expressions, and it should follow the conventions of the specific academic field, such as referencing and citation styles, formatting and structure.

Academic writing is an important tool for scholars and researchers to communicate their findings and ideas to their peers and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their field. It is also used by students to demonstrate their understanding of a subject and their ability to think critically and communicate effectively.