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Final Essay Prompt – Option 2 – Curate a YouTube Playlist

For this assignment, you will curate a YouTube playlist specific to a theme or topic related to immigration that we have covered in class. This assignment has two parts: 1) a YouTube playlist and 2) a curator rationale. For instructions on how to create a YouTube playlist, visit: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/57792?co=GENIE.Platform=Desktop&hl=en

Your playlist should be no less than 40 minutes and no more that 60 minutes in length. How you curate this list is up to you, but it should have a clear rational linking the videos together.
You should have at least 4 videos in your playlist, and you cannot include any videos we have screened in class. You will include the URL for your playlist in an appendix to your curator rational essay.

Write a (minimum) 5-page (double-spaced) curator rational essay explaining why you chose the theme or topic that you did and how each video speaks to that theme/topic. You will need to use a minimum of 3 sources to support the argument you develop in your curator rationale. While you are welcome to use as many sources as you wish, 3 of them need to come from our class readings.

Some questions you will want to consider in your curator rationale: What is the intention of each video? (Is it a historical intervention? Does it aim to personalize history or provide a first-person account?) Do these videos problematize conventional narrative of immigration? If so, how and in what ways? How and in what ways do you see these videos in conversation with any of our 324 course readings? (This does not mean that the videos you select have to agree with the arguments put forth in our course readings – although they can. They can also disagree, compliment, etc., our course readings).
Do these videos offer solutions to issues pertaining to your theme/topic? If so, what are the solutions being offered?
How might each video work towards enriching our understanding of your selected theme/topic?

Final Project-Personal Leadership Development Plan

Each student should prepare a paper titled, “My Personal Leadership Development Plan.” The paper will not be submitted. Your findings will be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation. The length of the presentation will depend on the value you place on your leadership development.
Using what we learned in class from the discussions, instruments, assignments, and readings, do a complete analysis of your leadership style and effectiveness.
What have you learned about yourself?
What areas do you need to work on to be a more effective leader?
The following guidelines will help you to complete the analysis. If there is anything you do not understand, please feel free to contact me.
Identify the behaviors that you need to stop doing and behaviors that you need to start doing. It is important that over the semester you reflect on these actions and take steps to change your behavior to become a more effective leader.
Utilize any reflective activities found in your textbook to explore your potential.
Use the five practices of exemplary leadership discussed by Kouzes & Posner (1987). Reflect upon which practice best exemplifies you.
Use any combination of end-of-chapter questionnaires, observational exercises, and/or reflection to guide your discussion.
Discuss at least two leadership theories that resonated with you and your style.
Provide a specific list of strategies (i.e. action steps and timeline) for your leadership development and justify them on the basis of your above discussion. That is, show how your discussion of leadership concepts informs your choice of action steps.
Your leadership development plan should be put into effect over the next one(1) to two(2) years.
A PowerPoint presentation. As this is a business class, your presentation should reflect business standards in quality, structure, and presentation.
Cite your sources where applicable (APA style).
Include a reference list for this assignment. Use one(1) PowerPoint slide for your references. As usual, the reference page should be formatted using APA style.
If you need assistance with APA style format, review the resources available in the Writing Resources area of the course (in the course menu on the left)
☑️ Use the Final Project Checklist as a guide while completing this assignment. Check off each requirement as you prepare the assignment, and use it to review your assignment before submission.

Assignment 2 - Writing Essay

Title:The impact of Apartheid on South African Education
Within the context of education in the 1900’s in South Africa, write an essay of 1800 - 2000 words (including references) where you discuss to what extent education was used as a means of repression and/or resistance.

Marking Guide (Rubric)
Factual detail 8 points
Critical analyses and discussion 8 points
Logic flow of argument and academic writing 5 points
References 1 point
Honour Pledge 1 poin

See the assignment 2 eGuide instructions for more details

Philosophy Essay Writing Assignment

Title: The major educational events in South Africa during the period of 1900–1994

Develop and present a timeline that a highlight a section of major education events (any major
events between the period Pre-Colonial – 1990s).
Critically discuss your chosen event in more detail in paragraph format (±500-800words)
End your timeline presentation with a final paragraph (±400 words) in which you make
concluding comments about what stood out or struck you in the historical accounts
presented; and reflect specifically on what you learned from that which you have identified.
Include a reference list.

The Assignment will be marked based on the following Marking Rubric
Identification of the major event in Timeline format ( as per the assignment) 7_points
Event critically analysed and discussed 7_points
Final comment discussion 7_points
Referencing 1_points
Honour Pledge 1_points

3-4-page Essay Structure

Title: Something descriptive- not cute- about your paper. Often related to your main argument(s).

Introduction: Introduce your topic. What is it that you are discussing and why is it interesting? Orient your reader to what follows. Relate your thesis in a general fashion to the materials that you will be discussing. This should be neither overly broad nor too specific. Have a thesis: A topic or theme that reasonable people might debate or disagree about (i.e., not “the sky is blue” or “wars are destructive” or “wars cause hardship”). Argue something; don’t just say/describe what happened!

Paragraphs: Introduces evidence that supports the ideas or concepts necessary to advance your thesis. These are in turn supported by concrete examples/evidence that serve to illustrate and back your claims/arguments.

Paragraph A:
Paragraph B:
Paragraph C:
Paragraph D:
Paragraph E:
In each paragraph, explain how your evidence supports the main ideas and/or concepts that the paragraph is intended to make/advance. Don’t just say what happened next !!
Conclusion: Neatly summarize how your ideas illustrate your overall thesis. Explain why the way you handled your evidence to support your main ideas was persuasive.

Writing a Thesis-Driven Paper.docx