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Unit 4 DB: Client Questions
Assume you are employed by the Midtown rehabilitation Center, the Agency discusses in the textbook, as an intake interviewer. How do you answer the following questions that your client has during the initial meeting? For this forum, your initial response can be formatted in bullet points to address each question. Be sure to also provide justification for your response.

  • How often will I come to see you?
  • Can I reach you after the center closes?
  • What happens if I forget an appointment?
  • Is What I tell you confidential?
  • What if I have an emergency?
  • How will I know when our work is finished?
  • What will I be charged for services?
  • Will my insurance company reimburse me?
    In response to your peers, provide feedback on the responses to the above questions. Please also identify additional questions that a client may have based on your peer’s responses.

Unit 4 DB discussion.docx

Interview and the rough draft of your data story
For this assignment, you will cover a data story, which is a news story with numbers or statistics. You will find your primary source and conduct an interview. This week you will submit the transcripts of the interview and the rough draft of your article. Please remember it is just the rough draft, so you can submit all of the information you have gathered to receive a full credit for your work. You will find the guidelines for your data story in Week 12 folder, but you don't have to adhere to them for your rough draft unless you prefer to do so.

Bibliography: You will create a bibliography in Microsoft Word on one of the following time periods of your choice: A) pre-1732 B) 1732-1783 C) 1783-1812 D) 1812-1830 E) 1830-1865 F) 1865-1877 G) 1877-1895 H) 1895-1926 I) 1926-1946 J) 1946-1962 K) 1962-1983 L) 1983-2002 M) 2002-2023 N) the role of citizens under Georgia’s constitution O) the role of the legislative branch in Georgia government P) the role of the executive branch in Georgia government Q) the role of the judicial branch in Georgia government R) the role of local governments in Georgia (30%). The format of the bibliography must be based on the Chicago Manual of Style (20%). Fifteen sources must be used in the bibliography, and only primary sources and scholarly sources may be used. The bibliography must include at least one primary source housed in the Georgia Archives or the National Archives at Atlanta. (50%). The bibliography will be submitted as a Microsoft Word document through the Assignments section of Desire2Learn.