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Media Self and the World Discussion Assignment .

Please watch the documentary The Illusionists and thoroughly respond to the following questions. Your responses should indicate that you watched the film in its entirety and should represent your personal interpretations/reflections of the film. You will not receive credit for generic answers (i.e., “I learned a lot about beauty”) or few word responses (i.e., "It was good.").
Posts and responses should be thorough, thoughtful, and free of grammatical and spelling errors .

What did you learn from the documentary that surprised you? Please explain.
Mass media often justifies their advertisements as giving the people what they want. Do you believe mass media reflect the needs/wants/desires of society or does mass media create the ideal image of beauty in order to sell products? Explain your point of view.
Commercial culture thrives on the idea that beauty can be bought. Explain how mass media has seduced society into feeling dissatisfied about their body image thus creating the craving need to buy more “beauty” products and its effects on ones health.

Current News You will need to find one current (published within the last 4 months in North America, Primarily in Canada) news article that have some connection to course content (such as role of management, Leadership/Management in a Buisness, Organizing or Human Resources, Company Planning, Group Dynamics, Change in Workplace/Leadership & Management etc.) and learning. For each article: Provide the article reference - author, title, date, and source. If a web source, share the direct link to the article as well. Include a one-page summary/analysis for the article: Briefly summarize the article. In several paragraphs, identify links to course content/learning. Why is the article relevant and how does it relate to some element of course learning? How does this article help construct your vision of business leadership as learned in the course? Leadership Quote Locate at least one leadership quotes from a real current or former organizational leader. You will create a visual poster or collage built around the quote. You will: Identify the leader’s name and share the quote. Explain why the quote is important and how it resonates with you. Make connections to some element of course content/theory in a meaningful way (at least one written paragraph for each quote). Personal Intent Statement You will create a personal intent statement. This is a several-paragraph statement that quickly captures your abilities and where you are heading in your life. Your statement should include and make reference to: Your personal strengths and advantages. Identify areas for growth - weaknesses. (Strengths: Hard Work, Initiative, Commutive, Good at TeamWork etc. Weakness: Procastination, Poor Time Management, Poor Self Regulation when I have things left to do ) A brief reflection on jobs you see yourself doing in the future. (Go to post secondary and start a job in potential engineering & IT field. Save money and start a buisness related to my career. I look up to buisnesses and companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple etc.)<- Write something related to my career. You may organize your Portfolio in one of the following methods: A word-processed document in business report style. An electronic presentation (e.g., Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, etc.) Infographic. ( I do not recommend this but if it can be neatly done, kindly go for it. I suggest using infographics as extra detail in one of the assignments.) Other. Rubric Attached!