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BSM 305: Principles of Managing Organizations
Module 7: Final Project Prompt (CO1-CO7)
Final Submission
Review the attached list of organizations (also available in the Handouts area of MyCC) and select one
organization from the list.
Compile all the assignments and discussions that were a contributing piece of your final project (listed
below). These assignments or discussions were in modules 3, 4, 5, and 6. Write an introduction and
summation and modify the assignment pieces, so that it becomes one cohesive research paper. You may
need to add linking paragraphs or between sections. Use section headings to reflect the contents.
Consult APA 6th edition for section headings. REMINDER: Throughout the research paper, you should
consider yourself an outside consultant who has been hired to review each aspect of the selected
organization and make recommendations for improvement.
• Introduction (mission and vision from module 3) (provide overview, key points, financial
information, if applicable)
• 3 Biggest Challenges (module 3)
• Organizational Management (from Module 3)
• Organizational Structure (from Module 4)
• Employment and Hiring Practices (from Module 5 discussion board)
• Key Issues (From Module 5)
• Diverse Workforce (from Module 6 discussion board)
• Summary (provide a 1 to 2 paragraph summation)
Your research paper should be between 5-7 papers should be formatted per APA 6th edition rules.
Be sure to integrate in-text citations and a reference list into your submission. Cite scholarly sources, in
addition to primary materials, the textbook, and any assigned readings.
See Undergraduate Guidelines and Rubrics for Research Paper
Complete the assignment and upload your responses to the file upload area of this assignment.
Submit the word document by no later than Sunday (11:59 p.m. EST).

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