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Moder World SP23 History Quiz
Qn1. The two different sides fighting in the Russian Civil War were called?

- The Reds and the Whites

Qn2. Which of the following was NOT a reason why the League of Nations was made ineffective?

- France was angered by the proposal and refused to participated

Qn3. The Bolshevik Revolution resulted from...?

-g. B and C

Qn4. What is considered to be one of the most glaring defects of the 1919 peace conference

-The Failure to include representation from Russia and Germany

Qn5. Which of the following countries was NOT involved in the creation of the Versailles Treaty?

-The U.S.

Qn6. By the end of World War I, the economic and financial center of the world had shifted from Europe to where?

-The U.S

Qn7. Which of the following did Lenin NOT call for in his April Theses?

-War and Civil disobedience

Qn8. Which of the following was the name given to the second revolution of the Russian Revolution?

-The Bolshevik Revolution

Qn9. The first revolution of the Russian Revolution led to what?

-The Creation of a Provisional Government

Qn10. The League of Nations...

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