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Bibliography: You will create a bibliography in Microsoft Word on one of the following time periods of your choice: A) pre-1732 B) 1732-1783 C) 1783-1812 D) 1812-1830 E) 1830-1865 F) 1865-1877 G) 1877-1895 H) 1895-1926 I) 1926-1946 J) 1946-1962 K) 1962-1983 L) 1983-2002 M) 2002-2023 N) the role of citizens under Georgia’s constitution O) the role of the legislative branch in Georgia government P) the role of the executive branch in Georgia government Q) the role of the judicial branch in Georgia government R) the role of local governments in Georgia (30%). The format of the bibliography must be based on the Chicago Manual of Style (20%). Fifteen sources must be used in the bibliography, and only primary sources and scholarly sources may be used. The bibliography must include at least one primary source housed in the Georgia Archives or the National Archives at Atlanta. (50%). The bibliography will be submitted as a Microsoft Word document through the Assignments section of Desire2Learn.

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