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Business Strategy – Spring 2024
Syntheses 1 Guidelines
For this syntheses, you will be performing an in-depth analysis of a company of your choosing. You can choose any company as long as there is enough information including managerial decisions, financial status, human resources practices, resources, and strategies. Syntheses should cover terms from Chapters 1-4. The report must be double space, Times New Roman 12 font. Graphs and figures can be included as long as they cover less than 2 pages. Cover, Abstract and work cited page in APA will not be counted toward the minimum number of words. Cite any support that you use for the research. Sources need to be from legit sources: academic journals, company website, legit news sources, etc. The paper should be a minimum of 1000 words. Research due date will be February 25th, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.
These are some of the issues and questions that need to be responded in the report:
• History of the company.
• Who are the primary figures of the company.
• What are the major products or services the company offers.
• What is the competitive advantage.
• What is the mission statement of the company.
• Analyze the SWOT analysis.
• Analyze Porter’s Competitive Forces Model.
• Does the company have any rare resources.
• What are the main primary activities of the company.
• What are the main support activities of the company.
• What is the main marketing strategy.

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