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In case you need to learn, we facilitate the learning of concepts taught by providing explanations whenever necessary. If you hire us, we will ensure that we write in a clear manner that will be easier for you to follow. You can seek help from us as a leading writing and tutoring center. We are resourceful in guiding you to complete your assignments and essay papers in the best way possible. Note that we do not publish individuals' work online or on any platforms. Therefore, if you need a sample of the work done by us, you can contact us, and we can share the work with you in private. We consider every paper we write the client's property.

Here are some of the sample Papers Written by our writers that were not necessarily submitted for grading purposes.

SWOT analysis is conducted to examine the internal and external factors that can impact an organization or individual's ability to achieve their objectives. Strengths and weaknesses refer to internal factors, such as the organization's resources, capabilities, and limitations. Opportunities and threats, on the other hand, are external factors, such as economic, social, technological, and regulatory trends that may present opportunities or challenges.

SWOT Analysis_Mycoursetutor.pdf

A good essay is a well-crafted piece of writing that effectively communicates a message or idea to its intended audience.

MyCourseTutorcom_SampleEssay_Black Lives Matter.pdf

MyCourseTutor_Sample Essay_World War II.pdf

Sample proposals
A proposal is a document that outlines a suggested plan or idea, typically with the goal of convincing others to take some sort of action. Proposals can be used in a variety of contexts, such as in business, academia, government, and non-profit organizations.

sample proposal on Internet of things _ My Course Tutor.pdf

Technical writing involves the analysis of concepts in the subject matter. Technical writing is a type of writing that communicates technical information to a specific audience in a clear, concise, and organized manner. It involves the creation of documents, such as manuals, instructions, reports, and proposals, that provide information on a technical subject, such as science, engineering, technology, or medicine. The writing always involves the analysis of data and the presentation of concepts in charts.

MyCourseTutor_Sample Technical Writing.pdf

Sample essay referenced using MLA writing format. MLA (Modern Language Association) referencing format is a style used in academic writing to give credit to sources of information used in a research paper or essay. It is commonly used in the humanities, including literature, languages, and cultural studies.

mycoursetutor_Influence of Martin Luther King Jnr on Quality Education.pdf

Sample for Case study papers. A case study paper is a type of academic paper that analyzes a specific case, typically in a real-world setting. Case studies are commonly used in fields such as business, social sciences, and healthcare to explore a particular issue or problem in detail. The paper usually involves an in-depth analysis of the case, often including primary research, and may include recommendations for how the issue can be addressed.

mycoursetutor_IBM Case study..pdf

Sample SWOT analysis paper

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