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Each Statistics in the Media discussion assignment has two components (your post and your comments):
Your own post (6 points)

Find an example of statistical data portrayed in the popular media. This could be a news item, could include a graph or chart, or could be a report on a poll. You cannot repeat a post made by another student. You must post the image, video, or link. (1 point)
Source: You must also include the source(s) of the data. (1 point)
Variable: Identify the variable(s) and whether they are discrete or continuous. (2 points)
The Problem: Based on your knowledge of statistics, research design, and scientific reporting, critically evaluate the claims made and/or the method of graphical representation. (You can refer to your textbook, and/or other scientific sources). Length: 1-2 sentences. (2 points)

Your comments (4 points)

You will need to thoughtfully comment on at least TWO posts made by other students in the class. You will only be able to comment AFTER you have made your own post.
Each comment is worth 2 points.
DO: These comments must reflect an understanding of statistical concepts you have learned in the course and contribute to the discussion of critically evaluating the data presented in the post. For example, this could include more accurate ways of presenting or interpreting the data. Length: 1-2 sentences per comment.
DON'T: You may NOT include personal or subjective comments directed towards another student or the instructor, or any personal, political or religious views that are disrespectful to others. Evaluate the content, not the source or person presenting the information. Please keep in mind that this is a scientific discussion of data we might encounter in our everyday lives. 

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