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The Research Proposal
You will not be expected to conduct any primary research. The report should cover the following areas.
Provide a full summary of the research brief, including the aims of the research.
Demonstrate an understanding of the market or business context as well as any other publicly available research done in this area.
Detail how the fieldwork would be conducted i.e face-to-face, telephone, online, focus groups, mixed-mode etc
Explain the proposed sampling method as well as other sampling methods considered, including details on any sampling frame to be used.
Detail the information that would be gathered and collected by the research.
Explain how you would use any customer of operational data supplied to you by the client.
Describe what multivariate analysis techniques you propose and how these would help the client’s research aims.
Detail the proposed sample size necessary to construct confidence intervals around the survey estimates.
An appropriate questionnaire which would capture suitable data to perform the proposed multivariate analysis,