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Does the knowledge of being in a high-risk flood area affect housing prices?
Use the summer 2021 floods and flood risk disclosure in London as an experiment (more info here) which lead to an increase in interest in floods as seen on Google Trends. Some areas, such as those flooded, will have more impact than others. You can download data for the flood risk maps from here. You can implement a DD using areas exposed vs non-exposed before and after the event. You can find a related paper on this matter here.

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Collecting and analyzing large sets of data from various sources, such as sales data, website analytics, and customer behavior data.

Use statistical and data analysis techniques to identify patterns and trends in the data, and then turn that data into actionable insights.

Communicating findings and insights to the broader team, including marketing, sales, and product development, in order to inform business decisions and strategies.

Building and maintaining databases and data systems, ensuring data quality and accuracy.
Creating dashboards and visualizations that help team members easily understand complex data.

Collaborating with different departments to identify areas where data analysis can improve processes and drive business results.

Supporting forecasting and budgeting activities by providing insight and data-driven recommendations.

Communicate with customer service team to understand customer's complaints and their needs.

Use data to evaluate marketing campaigns, from customer acquisition to retention, and make recommendations for future efforts.

Continuously keep track of industry trends and competitors, and monitor company’s performance data in real-time to adjust the plan accordingly.