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The purpose of this assignment is to improve your knowledge on the development of weight training programs to obtain a specific physical quality. The weight training programs will be a 2-week example (microcycle) of exercises, volume, intensity, exercise order and rest (there other variables) specific to a training goal. This will be a person in good health The program will have 3 to 4 training days per week that will be 45 to 90-minutes in length that will include a warm-up, main body, and cool-down. Write a minimum 2 to 4-page paper on how the exercises will achieve the goal of the program. The paper will explain the program, what will be achieved, and how this will be progressed and include 5 peer-reviewed sources required.

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M5 Discussion 13: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X

History Discussion Writing Assignments

The purpose of this scenario discussion is to introduce students to some of the ideas and motivations of both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Shabazz, and how their ideas were similar and how they may have differed.
For this discussion, review your readings and sources for unit 13 and read the following scenario.
Scenario: Sam, Pam, and Amy are students in Professor Green's American history course discussing the modern civil rights movement. Professor Green asks the students what they know about the ideas and motivations of Malcolm X Shabazz and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Learn more about the scenario.

Participating in the course discussions is an important part of your final grade. In your discussions, you cannot simply reply to someone's posting with "ditto" or "I agree with you". You must answer the question(s) asked in a minimum of two paragraphs and a maximum of three paragraphs. Your responses should also quote and cite the material you have read in the class so far; you may also do outside research. Use the Purdue OWL Chicago Style guide for help with the correct citation style for your quotes.
Then, respond to at least TWO classmates' postings referring to at least one element of critical thinking. Your response to your classmates should be a minimum of two sentences, and a maximum of four sentences (refer to your Introduction to Critical Thinking and to the How to Read History Sourcesmodules for a review of how to read primary sources)
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