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HIST106 Modern World SP23 Richards Chapter 4 Quizzes: Aftershocks of the Great War
Qn1. Life for which of the following groups of people was NOT significantly impacted by the Great War?

 - Peasants

Qn2. Europe termed the twentieth century the _ due the traumatic events that occurred and the changes that took place.

-Age of Anxiety

Qn3. How was it believed that the fine arts could be used as ideological weapons?

- They could unlock the conscious and subconscious mind and further the inner conversion of the individual

Qn4. What is one way in which World War I contributed to the conceivability of the Holocaust?
Qn5. Which of the following areas of study most challenged the foundations of the Enlightenment and the ideas surrounding it?
Qn6. Which of the following traditions proposed that humans are naturally good and that they can build a better world with the help of reason?
Qn7. Which art movement supported the same concept of “no fixed reality” that was established by physics?
Qn8. Which group least benefitted during the period of post-war prosperity?
Qn9. Which of the following is another name for the middling classes?
Qn10. Whose nineteenth century theories supported the Enlightenment tradition that humans are moving toward some type of improvement?

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