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HiST106-D1 Modern World SP23

Q1. Which of the following is NOT true of the Great Depression?
Select one:
It involved the crash of the American stock marker
Americans were hardly affected by the Great Depression as unemployment rates stayed below 10%
It affected economies throughout the world, but issues were confronted more on a national level than a global one
It was not solely an American problem, and it affected the economy on a global scale

Qn2. On what date did the New York stock market crash? (October 29, 1929)
Qn3. Who was one of Hitler’s first allies? Benito Mussolini
Qn4. Which of the following is another term that is often used for the Great Depression?

The Great Disaster, The Meltdown, The World Slump, the Big Panic

Qn5. The first two years of Hitler’s dictatorship were spent bringing every aspect of life in Germany under control of the Nazi party. This process was known as what? _ The Gleichschaltung
Qn6. In what way did the Great Depression make possible the Nazi “seizure of power” in 1933?

By allowing the Nazis to get a foothold in new German colonies in Africa

By discrediting liberalism
All of the money in American banks was sent to Germany, where they used it to fund Nazi propaganda
The German people felt bad for Hitler, so they gave him the power they thought he deserved
Qn7. Which of the following was considered a hidden weakness in the postwar European economy? (Its dependent on American finances)
Qn8. Which of the following was NOT done in Germany by 1933? (All churches were abolished)
Qn9. Deflation involves balancing government _ and reducing the cost of


Qn10. Which of the following phrases has been termed to refer to the prosperous nature of the 1920s?

Moder World SP23 History Quiz
Qn1. The two different sides fighting in the Russian Civil War were called?

- The Reds and the Whites

Qn2. Which of the following was NOT a reason why the League of Nations was made ineffective?

- France was angered by the proposal and refused to participated

Qn3. The Bolshevik Revolution resulted from...?

-g. B and C

Qn4. What is considered to be one of the most glaring defects of the 1919 peace conference

-The Failure to include representation from Russia and Germany

Qn5. Which of the following countries was NOT involved in the creation of the Versailles Treaty?

-The U.S.

Qn6. By the end of World War I, the economic and financial center of the world had shifted from Europe to where?

-The U.S

Qn7. Which of the following did Lenin NOT call for in his April Theses?

-War and Civil disobedience

Qn8. Which of the following was the name given to the second revolution of the Russian Revolution?

-The Bolshevik Revolution

Qn9. The first revolution of the Russian Revolution led to what?

-The Creation of a Provisional Government

Qn10. The League of Nations...