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The Research Proposal
You will not be expected to conduct any primary research. The report should cover the following areas.
Provide a full summary of the research brief, including the aims of the research.
Demonstrate an understanding of the market or business context as well as any other publicly available research done in this area.
Detail how the fieldwork would be conducted i.e face-to-face, telephone, online, focus groups, mixed-mode etc
Explain the proposed sampling method as well as other sampling methods considered, including details on any sampling frame to be used.
Detail the information that would be gathered and collected by the research.
Explain how you would use any customer of operational data supplied to you by the client.
Describe what multivariate analysis techniques you propose and how these would help the client’s research aims.
Detail the proposed sample size necessary to construct confidence intervals around the survey estimates.
An appropriate questionnaire which would capture suitable data to perform the proposed multivariate analysis,

Final Paper due

Final paper written from a managerial perspective
Remember to write your final paper from a managerial prospective. You are the manager, supervisor, director, etc. in charge.

The student will select a company, (either the company they work for now, a company they worked for in the past, or a company they are interested in writing about; for example Tesla, Apple Microsoft, etc.) The body of the paper consist of the following: the management style or styles that the student selected, why the student selected that particular management style, and how the employees under the student’s supervision will benefit from the type of management style or styles that were selected.

Remember, the whole purpose is for you to explain which management style or styles you will use with your employees as a manager in the company you selected. This is if you select the company you work for now or in the past. If you pick a company you never worked for, then you have to conduct research and see why that management style or styles you selected is best.

Below are some examples of different management styles, keep in mind, you do not have to select these management styles. There are many more, these are just examples. Remember, this list is also included in blackboard under Final Paper Example Topics tab:

Management by Walking Around (MBWA)
Asian Paternalistic**

The paper should not exceed (10) pages in length, inclusive of all sections. The introduction should provide a brief but sufficient foundation for understanding the case, its key facts and pressing issues. Students should focus their efforts in the body of the paper by providing adequate analysis based on the facts of the case, as opposed to an elaborate description of such facts.

Below is the full description and outline of your final paper:

A Case Analysis Paper (Final Paper) is due on the last class session.

Students are required to analyze a case study to be assigned by the professor. The case study analysis paper must be submitted using APA-style formatting. Students must address the topic in sufficient depth, and are expected to supplement their analysis with research that goes beyond what is presented in the case and textbook. Good writing, consistent logic and cogent arguments are positive traits of any written assignment and will be considered for grading purposes. Students are required to use proper APA-style in-text citations and referencing.

The case study analysis paper must contain the following sections:

APA style cover page

Briefly summarize the key facts, scope and aspects of the case.

Body of the paper

Summarize your findings and recommendations.


You should have a minimum of three references. You should include the book as one already.

Remember to write your paper in third person not first person.
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