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Assignment 2 - Writing Essay

Title:The impact of Apartheid on South African Education
Within the context of education in the 1900’s in South Africa, write an essay of 1800 - 2000 words (including references) where you discuss to what extent education was used as a means of repression and/or resistance.

Marking Guide (Rubric)
Factual detail 8 points
Critical analyses and discussion 8 points
Logic flow of argument and academic writing 5 points
References 1 point
Honour Pledge 1 poin

See the assignment 2 eGuide instructions for more details

Philosophy Essay Writing Assignment

Title: The major educational events in South Africa during the period of 1900–1994

Develop and present a timeline that a highlight a section of major education events (any major
events between the period Pre-Colonial – 1990s).
Critically discuss your chosen event in more detail in paragraph format (±500-800words)
End your timeline presentation with a final paragraph (±400 words) in which you make
concluding comments about what stood out or struck you in the historical accounts
presented; and reflect specifically on what you learned from that which you have identified.
Include a reference list.

The Assignment will be marked based on the following Marking Rubric
Identification of the major event in Timeline format ( as per the assignment) 7_points
Event critically analysed and discussed 7_points
Final comment discussion 7_points
Referencing 1_points
Honour Pledge 1_points