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Questions to consider in this module's discussion forum post:

  1. How can the consumption of other cultures be simultaneously harmless (or even beneficial) AND exploitative?
  2. How might it be 'ok' to love the other?
  3. Is the type of cutural appropriation we've been covering the last few weeks avoidable when we do not have a homogenized (ie, all the same society?

Feel free to incorporate the texts from module 9 as well, as this module is a continuation of similar themes. And don't forget, because there is not lecture you are responsible for one orignial discussion post and two peer response posts.


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The purpose of this discussion is to reflect on and share the things you have learned in this class.

Think about your learning experiences over the entire class. Identify something that made you go "wow" in this class- what surprised or impressed or shocked you? Try not to repeat a "wow" you wrote about earlier.
Describe why this thing stood out to you.  Use quotes from your readings and research to support your observations. Make sure to use your primary sources!
Include an illustration from the period and make sure you caption the illustration.
Share two or three new words you've learned from this module 5, and the definitions.
Your Wow statement should be at least 100-150 words, not including the citations.
By Sunday, respond to the Wows of at least two other students with at least a couple of sentences.

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