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Media Self and the World Discussion Assignment .

Please watch the documentary The Illusionists and thoroughly respond to the following questions. Your responses should indicate that you watched the film in its entirety and should represent your personal interpretations/reflections of the film. You will not receive credit for generic answers (i.e., “I learned a lot about beauty”) or few word responses (i.e., "It was good.").
Posts and responses should be thorough, thoughtful, and free of grammatical and spelling errors .

What did you learn from the documentary that surprised you? Please explain.
Mass media often justifies their advertisements as giving the people what they want. Do you believe mass media reflect the needs/wants/desires of society or does mass media create the ideal image of beauty in order to sell products? Explain your point of view.
Commercial culture thrives on the idea that beauty can be bought. Explain how mass media has seduced society into feeling dissatisfied about their body image thus creating the craving need to buy more “beauty” products and its effects on ones health.