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An Investigation on the Impact of Economic Empowerment of Rural Women on Poverty Mitigation in Bogra District , Bangladesh

Professor Correction-

Your research question is too broad and not specific; the four villages should be in the research question.
Your subquestions are not logically derived from the main research question. Look at the different elements in the overarching question and bring them down in the subquestions.
Your questionnaire could be derived from the subquestions.
100 interviews is a lot: don’t you think fifty will be enough? In particular if you want to go deeper.
Why not do group interviews with women who are in savings groups?
There is a lot of literature on micro-credit in particular on coercion that is often used in these programmes. This could help you to come with some deeper analysis

My requirement-

*Literature Review(will be presented in a broad way like counter/logical, positive views as well as negative views regarding the research question)- at least 5 to 6 pages literature review.
*data will be presented with a bar chart/table.
*conceptual framework with diagram,
*dependent variables, independent variables,
*Indicate control group and relationship between cause and effect.
*Identical Empirical Analysis and result findings(Null Hypothesis and alternative),t-test,
*Theory of change(assumptions,input,output,activities,outcome,impact will be presented with a tabular form)
*Correlation test
*any of this model at your convenience-----Ordinary least square(OLS) model or Linear Regression Model(LRM)
*Appendix and so on I might forget any other important term to write please add those on your own.