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M1 Assignment: Research Paper Topic Instructions
For this assignment, you will write a short paper about the topic you think you might like for your final paper. Your final paper will be a 6-8 page argumentative essay on a social justice theme in US History from 1865 to 2019 and will be due in Module 5 at the end of this semester.

Review the How to Find a Research Paper Topic lesson for help in selecting a topic for your final project.
Review the Instructions for the final project to know what the end goal of the research paper will require. You should also read the Social Justice Handout.
When you settle on a topic, write a short essay to describe your project. Make sure you
    Give the proposed title of the paper.
    Describe the main era (dates) and people you want to examine.
    Discuss how you think you can find sources
    Describe any difficulties you are having with your project.

Your topic paper should be 300-500 words long, double-spaced, 12 pt. font size.
Please review the Topic Paper Rubric in the course resources module in the course content area.
Submit your topic paper to the M1 Unit 3 Assignment 1: Topic Paper Assignment Folder. See the Schedule and Course Rubrics in the Syllabus Module for due dates and grading information.
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Final Draft Research Paper Instructions
The purpose of this assignment is to identify and employ the components of historical research and analysis by completing an original research paper. You will have to choose a topic in American history between 1865 and 2019 that addresses a social justice theme (see handout and course resources for more information on the concept of social justice).
Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this assignments, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and employ the components of historical research and analysis and produce a clearly organized, thoroughly developed writing assignment which expresses defensible conclusions based on historical analysis.
  2. Identify the way historians frame questions in order to study the past.
  3. Identify the arguments of historical interpretations.
  4. Recognize patterns of continuity and change over the course of time.
  5. Construct a clear, concise thesis statement in response to a problem or questions about Modern American History.
  6. Evaluate and interpret primary and secondary evidence in multiple forms (textual, visual, statistical, archeological/material culture) from a course text, an online research database, and/or an online course resource lab to support a thesis statement.
  7. employ proper citation of both primary and secondary sources using reference guides provided in class or found online.
  8. Compose written conclusions drawn from historical research.
    Review the instructions for the final project found under Modules 1-4. As a reminder, here's what you've done thus far:
    • Module 1: Selected a topic and wrote a short essay describing the topic.
    • Module 2: Wrote an annotated bibliography with a minimum of five sources.
    • Module 3: Composed a thesis statement and an outline with at least three main points.
    • Module 4: Wrote a rough draft of your final paper.
    Your final step is to submit your final paper here.
    Your completed research paper should integrate (not just list) at least the five sources you identified in Module 2: two primary sources, a scholarly journal article, and two additional secondary sources. You may use as many additional sources as you like.
    Your completed research paper must be 6-8 pages in length, double-spaced, written using 12-point font, 1" margins, and Chicago/Turabian style citations. Submit this assignment to the M5 Assignment: Final Research Paper Assignment Folder
    Please review the Final Research Paper Grading Rubric in the course resources module in the course content area.
    Review the Course Schedule, also in the Syllabus Module, for Discussion due dates.
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