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History Discussion - Manifest destiny

Based on the various materials for this module, in what ways do you see the myth of the United States as a City on a Hill and the ideology of manifest destiny as impacting opinions about immigration? How might they influence beliefs about the necessity of assimilation as well as who could/could not successfully assimilate? It is clear that John Winthrop’s envisioned the United States as “a City upon a Hill” and the core of global light and democracy. But in the past four centuries, Winthrop’s ideologies have taken a different course, largely shaped by American exceptionalism. Instead of acting as a beacon of hope and guidance, a section of the world now perceives America as a “malicious empire”, one that is eager to apply political tactics to enforce territorial expansion, push for policies that favor itself, or simply exert control. Basically, the idealism of “a City upon a Hill” is debatably regarded as a myth. To echo these thoughts, the demolition of Spanish colonialism in 1899 shaped a new perception o

HIST106 Modern World SP23 Richards Chapter 4 Quizzes: Aftershocks of the Great War
Qn1. Life for which of the following groups of people was NOT significantly impacted by the Great War?

 - Peasants

Qn2. Europe termed the twentieth century the _ due the traumatic events that occurred and the changes that took place.

-Age of Anxiety

Qn3. How was it believed that the fine arts could be used as ideological weapons?

- They could unlock the conscious and subconscious mind and further the inner conversion of the individual

Qn4. What is one way in which World War I contributed to the conceivability of the Holocaust?
Qn5. Which of the following areas of study most challenged the foundations of the Enlightenment and the ideas surrounding it?
Qn6. Which of the following traditions proposed that humans are naturally good and that they can build a better world with the help of reason?
Qn7. Which art movement supported the same concept of “no fixed reality” that was established by physics?
Qn8. Which group least benefitted during the period of post-war prosperity?
Qn9. Which of the following is another name for the middling classes?
Qn10. Whose nineteenth century theories supported the Enlightenment tradition that humans are moving toward some type of improvement?

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The purpose of this assignment is to improve your knowledge on the development of weight training programs to obtain a specific physical quality. The weight training programs will be a 2-week example (microcycle) of exercises, volume, intensity, exercise order and rest (there other variables) specific to a training goal. This will be a person in good health The program will have 3 to 4 training days per week that will be 45 to 90-minutes in length that will include a warm-up, main body, and cool-down. Write a minimum 2 to 4-page paper on how the exercises will achieve the goal of the program. The paper will explain the program, what will be achieved, and how this will be progressed and include 5 peer-reviewed sources required.

weight train development essays.txt

Addressing Case Study Discussion Questions
Part 1 For this Discussion, there are two case studies to assist you with real-life examples of improving reading and math skills. Read the case study on Sharon Smart. After reviewing the study, discuss with your classmates how Sharon's instructors can address the following: What are the characteristics of good versus poor readers? What does this suggest about the skills that Sharon will need to learn in order to be successful? If you were Sharon's teacher, discuss strategies you might use to teach specific reading skills. What demands must both Sharon and you meet in order for these to be successful? Examine the graphic organizers presented in the text. How might these be incorporated into Sharon's classroom?

Part2 Writing Assignment: Reading Strategy Instructional Plan Purpose: Reading is the foundation of all other academic skills and can often determine whether a student is successful in school. The skills associated with reading include phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and interpretation. Students with learning disabilities often struggle with reading and have deficits resulting in dyslexia. For that reason, teachers working with these students need to have a good understanding of reading strategies that are applicable to this student population. Directions: For the Unit 2 Assignment, you will create a Reading Plan to be used with learning disabled students. Review several reading strategies appropriate for learning disabled students and select one to apply to a specific grade level. Use the Reading Plan Template to complete this assignment. Include the following in the Reading Plan Template: The definition of dyslexia and characteristics of this learning disability. The strategy you have selected and why. Include how it addresses a need of students with learning disabilities. The process for teaching this strategy to the student. Outline your lesson with Language Objectives and Vocabulary within the lesson. What instructional plan will you use for this lesson? List your instructional strategies, learning tasks, literacy skills, and strategies. Discuss how you will measure the successful implementation of this strategy. What is the timeline for this lesson?
Part3 The prior case study focused on reading skills; in this case study, you will examine how to improve math skills. Read the Unit 2 essay by Melissa, a young woman who has struggled with dyscalculia. After you read the essay, discuss how you would address these issues with Melissa if she had been your student when she was at the grade level(s) you teach or plan to teach. What guidelines would you have followed in developing appropriate mathematics curriculum for students like Melissa? What formal and informal assessment strategies might you have used to determine the math skills of a student like Melissa? Describe some of the affective and motivational deficits students like Melissa will most likely face. What strategies might you use for overcoming these deficits? Compare and contrast the math strategies you have read about. Why might these be effective methods for teaching students like Melissa at your grade level? You have focused on math strategies in this discussion, explain if or how you would use these strategies for science and social studies. What changes would you need to make within your strategies for these two subjects?
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