Frequentry Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many People ask whether we can help them complete their online courses

We always tell them that we are confident in what we do, and we only need the firt two weeks in the course to confirm that we are able to handle every activity in the course. We guarnatee nothing less that a B in all courses we do.

Some of the common questions we receive on our different platforms are listed below. Note that you can always contact us via Whatsspp incase you need to make an inquiry about any topic that might not be addressed here.

  1. What services does My Course Tutor offer?
  • We offer several services, from online class management to essay writing and assignment completion. We also provide services on thesis and research paper writing; Our experts are effective in conducting data analysis and writing chapter four of your research papers. In short, we offer any service related to academic and essay writing. Algebra, nursing essays, DNP papers, statistics, research papers, thesis writing, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and general weekly discussions are a few among most of the classwork activities we can help you with.  


  1. How does the website work?
  • You create an account with us to manage and track your classes' progress. You can log in to the account to manage payments and follow up on their payment status effectively.


  1. How can I place an order for academic assistance?
  • You can simply place and order by following the link on this website. You'll be directed to pay the order once you have sent the instructions and your order has been received successfully.

  1. Who will be working on my assignment?
  • Expert writers will work on your order. We select the best among the best writers for each class. We have validated our writers' skills over time and have managed to select the best in the industry. Therefore, you should be assured that your paper will be scored with an A in any academic setting.


  1. What is the website's policy on refunds and revisions?
  • Our refund policies have been well articulated on this website. We ensure that our clients get value for their money. Therefore, we'll always refund any work not delivered.
  1. How can I check the status of my order?
  • You can always request to be updated on the order progress at any time via email or WhatsApp.
  1. How can I be sure that my personal information is safe and secure?
  • We guarantee the safety of your personal information. We do not share your contact information with our writers or any third parties. We understand the consequences that come with these actions. Therefore, we always that any business you do with us ends with the administrators.
  1. How can I request a revision if needed?
  • You can request revisions by sending us an email or by texting us via WhatsApp. We always ensure that we deliver high-quality papers and are always available to make adjustments where necessary.
  1. How do you ensure the quality of the work?
  • We follow the instructions and the papers' requirements critically. We have a team of editors who double-check the assignments to ensure they meet the instructor's expectations. Any work that's deemed not to meet the assignment's instructions is referred back for revisions before being forwarded to you.
  1. How can I know that the work I receive is original?
  • We'll always provide you with a plagiarism report as per your request.
  1. What are the guarantees offered by the website?
  • We guarantee nothing less than a B in anything we do.
  1. How can I contact customer support?


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