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Individual Position Paper discussing the special education topic Special Education: Children with Autism

  1. Produce an individual position paper (maximum 5 pages) discussing a special education topic of interest to you.Please use APA format (headings, citations, etc.). All final work MUST be well edited. I need the topic outline, the rough draft, and the final paper separately because I have to submit them on different dates. I will attach an example of the topic outline. a. Topic Outline 50 points (2/3/23) b. Rough draft 50 points (2/12/23) c. Final Paper 100 points (3/6/23)

MA Level Cultural Diversity Paper
The purpose is to assist students in exploring and understanding information about a non-dominant or minority group in Canada and how they may bring this knowledge into their counselling work clients who may be in this group. Please follow the instructions below and ensure that you divide the paper based on the following headings mentioned below in the instruction details (6 A, B, C & D)

Instructions Write a paper about counselling a specific cultural group that is clearly identified in the literature as a cultural group and that is in Canada. Your paper should be approximately eight (8) double-spaced pages long (or approximately 2000 words, +/- 100 words), excluding the cover page and the reference list.
Please provide at least eight (8) recent (last 7 years), peer-reviewed sources and a maximum of 16 recent, peer-reviewed sources. Remember that the course textbooks are not peer-reviewed sources. If you cite from course texts, make sure that you correctly cite the original source and not the editor of the book. Title the report "Counselling X," where X is the specific cultural group being reported on and focus on cultural groups in Canada. You must include Canada or Canadian in the title.
Examples of appropriate titles are: -Counselling Turkish-Canadian Clients, -Counselling Greek-Canadian Clients, -Counselling Eastern-European Canadian Clients -Counselling Indigenous Youth in Canada Papers on counselling a specific Indigenous group of bands (such as the Inuit, prairie dwellers, youth, women, urban dwellers, adolescents living on reserves, etc.) are encouraged, as are reports on an Indo-Canadian or Chinese-Canadian subculture, such as children, adolescents, or women. Make sure to clearly define the group and delineate the age range for groups such as youth, children, or adolescents. Reports on other specific groups or subcultures are also welcome. Examples include: -Counselling Muslim Immigrant Clients in Canada, -Counselling Syrian Refugees in Canada, -Counselling Members of the Canadian Armed Forces, -Counselling Bicultural Adolescents in Canada, -Counselling Interethnic Couples in Canada, and -Counselling Deaf Clients in Canada. Do not write on a topic that is too general such as Counselling Asian, Latino, African, European, Indigenous, Refugee, or Immigrant Clients in Canada. 6. Include a brief introduction as well as a brief conclusion with a maximum of about 100 words for each. Do not include an abstract. Complete these four sections. A. Socio-cultural and demographic background (20%) In this section, include descriptive information about the specific cultural group that you have researched, such as demographics, history, social and cultural customs, traditions, belief system and values, as well as epidemiological data on the prevalence of certain conditions, if such data exist. Make sure to be as specific as possible in your description. For example, if you write about youth in a particular group, make sure to define what age range you mean and that researchers have noted. Include at least two (2) recent (last seven years), peer-reviewed sources.
You may use information from required course readings and remember that the course texts are not peer-reviewed. Write about 450 words for this section. B. Counselling strategies (30%) In this section, include information about how you would conceptualize a presenting concern or concerns brought into counselling by someone in the cultural group. For illustrative purposes, you may develop a hypothetical client. The focus in this section is on considerations of therapeutic alliance and experiences that a client in this group may have had such as intergenerational trauma, personal trauma such as adverse childhood experiences, or experiences that may have contributed to them becoming migrants who are now refugees or immigrants in Canada, experiences of oppression and/or marginalization or anything that you believe may have contributed to them seeking counselling. You may make references to the theoretical material covered in the course, such as influences of individualism and collectivism, models of cultural identity formation, acculturation, or any other topic area that you think is relevant to the cultural group. Include at least three (3) recent (last seven years), peer-reviewed sources. You may use information from required course readings and remember that the course texts are not peer-reviewed. Look for sources that are about the particular cultural group in Canada. If you cite sources that are about the cultural group in other countries than Canada, explain how you think the information fits for the cultural group in Canada. Remember to include your voice in what you are writing and note what you think about the research that you have read about the cultural group. Write about 700 words for this section. C. Counselling interventions (20%) In this section, address specific practical techniques that you believe would be appropriate and effective in working with clients in the cultural group. Include at least three (2) recent (last seven years), peer-reviewed sources. Describe which interventions you may already utilize or would most likely utilize when you work from clients in the cultural group and why you think that they would be effective. Write about 450 words for this section D. Directions for future research (10%) In this section, identify existing gaps in the current research on and knowledge of diversity and cross-cultural counselling theory and practice related to the cultural group and/or areas of research that need to be expanded or improved and provide an agenda for future research. Describe what area or areas that you think are most important for researchers to focus on and how this may be useful to counselling work with clients from the cultural group. Include at least one (1) recent (last seven years), peer-reviewed source. Write about 200 words for this section. The total number of required recent, peer-reviewed sources is eight (8)) and a maximum of 16 recent, peer-reviewed sources.
Required components: Title page and reference page(s) Length of Assignment: The text body of paper (i.e., not including references and title page; do NOT include an abstract) should consist of approximately 2000 (+/- 100) words, (Times New Roman font size: 12) Format: Please, format your assignment in Word (files with extension .doc or .docx) References: Please provide at least a total of eight (8) recent (last 7 years, currently 2015-2022), peer-reviewed sources and a maximum of 16 recent, peer-reviewed sources. Remember that the course textbooks are not peer-reviewed sources.
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Write a story of 700 words based on the information from the census or any other resource with numbers, polls, statistics, election results and any kind of data following the guidelines below:

  1. Inverted pyramid style
  1. Proper lead
  2. Proper headline
  3. AP style, correct grammar and punctuation
  4. Only factual information
  5. Short and concise
  6. Based on data
  7. Include some background information
  8. Include a video of your interview (you completed it two weeks ago)
  9. Include quotes from your primary source in your article (you completed it two weeks ago)
  10. Include a visualization (you completed it last week)

Example of a data story: