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Cultural Respect & Competency—Caring for a Vulnerable Population in My Own Community

Effective health communication is as important to healthcare as clinical skill. To improve individual health and build healthy communities, providers need to recognize and address the unique culture, language, and health literacy of diverse consumers and communities. As advanced practice nurses, we must be knowledgeable but also culturally savvy and understand the nuances of the populations that we serve.

National Institutes of Health: Cultural Respect
Health Resources and Services Administration: Cultural Language and Health Literacy
Effective Communication Tools 2016 (YouTube)
    Effective Communication Tools 2016 (YouTube) video transcript

Initial Post

For this discussion, the textbook readings and articles assigned for this week should also help you to identify a vulnerable population in your own community. Describe the characteristics of this group—what makes them vulnerable—and utilize at least three scholarly resources to answer one of the following questions for your initial post.

Paraphrase concepts/theories specific to healthcare disparities as related to vulnerability; provide at least three applications of concepts/theories that could be implemented within your community.
As an APRN, how can you advocate for this identified vulnerable population within your community? Discuss at least three ways in which you can advocate.
How does what you learned about your own cultural competency affect how you might approach your role as an advocate? Did you find that you had bias? Were you aware of your bias prior to this exercise?
As an APRN, how will you strive to be culturally competent and respectful to those you serve? List and discuss at least three behaviors/characteristics of a culturally competent and respectful APRN.

Note: Evaluate your APA proficiency and make sure you address each of the required elements for this discussion. Utilizing headings for each aspect of the question is a great way to know that you covered the elements of the question. As you continue to move through this course and our program, expectations related to APA, grammar, professional writing, and assessment instructions will encourage you to stretch and push yourself, ensuring you are producing graduate-level academic work you can be proud of.
Reply Posts

Reply to at least two of your classmates that answered different questions than you did. The replies should be well thought out with strong paragraph development (minimum of five to six sentences each), citations, and APA formatting.

Note: The expectation is not that you “agree” or “disagree” with your peers, but that you develop a conversation with information that is validated via citations to encourage learning and to bring your own perspective to the conversation. Don’t forget to provide a clear purpose statement in your initial post.

In your reply posts, compare and contrast your vulnerable community’s characteristics or conditions, or even your own bias, with those of your peers in relationship to the question your peer answered.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded. Reply to at least two of your classmates on two separate days (minimum) utilizing at least two scholarly references per peer post.

Discontent, revolt and reform is Due

Using the Richards text (ch. 10) and the 1968 People's Century 1968 documentary: In no less than 700 words, discuss the nature of dissatisfactions and protests that erupted in Europe during the 1960s. You may also- to a limited extent- discuss the impact that developments in the United States had on the period. Anchor your response in the assigned reading by providing concrete details and page numbers to support your analysis. Use your own words.

Statistics Case Study Assignment

Ann Perkins, a realtor in Brownsburg, Indiana, would like to use estimates from a multiple
regression model to help prospective sellers determine a reasonable asking price for their homes.
She believes that the following four factors influence the asking price (Price) of a house:
1) The square footage of the house (SQFT)
2) The number of bedrooms (Bed)
3) The number of bathrooms (Bath)
4) The lot size (LTSZ) in acres
She randomly collects online listings for 50 single-family homes. The data file is in the
Blackboard “Case Study Indiana Real Estate Data File Excel” within the Case Study folder.
Requirements and associated point values:
Part 1 – Provide summary statistics (with Excel Data Analysis) by calculating the mean and
standard deviation on the asking price, square footage, the number of bedrooms, the number
of bathrooms, and the lot size. Explain each factor’s mean and standard deviation. What does
each of these summary statistics tell us.
A total of ten calculations 4 points each for a total of 40 points.
Part 2 – Estimate and interpret a multiple regression model where the asking price is the
response variable and the other four factors are the explanatory variables.
The end result should be a Excel Regression Output

Also provide the estimate model equation: Price =
A total of 40 points will be assigned to Part 2.
Part 3 – Interpret the resulting coefficient of determination.
A total of 20 points will be assigned to Part 3.
Part 4 – Write your findings in thorough, concise, and well-written report form. For an example
review and refer to other reports throughout your textbook. There is at least one at the end of
each chapter. Please note you are expected to use proper statistical terminology when
appropriate but remember you are writing for a group who may not be as knowledgeable about
statistics as you are. You must be sure they can understand your findings while also writing a
professional report.
A total of 50 points will be assigned to Part 4.
Part 5 – Prepare your report in a PowerPoint Presentation and record your presentation within
Relay according to the instructions provided in the Blackboard “PowerPoint Presentation Case
Study Information” located within the Case Study folder.
A total of 50 points will be assigned to Part 5.
The submission link to attach your Case Study Report, PowerPoint Presentation and Excel Data
Output Worksheet is in the same Case Study folder. You will record your PowerPoint
Presentation under “Student Recordings” within Knowmia (formerly Relay). Refer to the course
schedule for the Case Study due date. The case study is valued at a total of 200 points.

Modern World SP23

What was the intended purpose of the Marshall Plan?
Which of the following nations was NOT involved with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?
Which of the following groups of people experienced the highest death toll because of the war in Europe?
Postwar Europe appeared especially weak in the presence of which two nations outside of Europe?
In what way did the emergence of dozens of new nations in the 1950s and 1960s change international relations?
In how many large waves did the dismantling of the colonial empires take place following the war?
Which of the following developments in Asia did NOT contribute to the emergence of the Cold War?
What were the two zones first created in occupied Germany following World War II?
Which of the following was NOT a negative impact that World War II had on Europe?
Which of the following is TRUE of the Soviet Union during the Cold War?Which of the following is TRUE of the Soviet Union during the Cold War?

Module 4 Discussion

Complete Task 2 on page 248. Post a screenshot of your Wilcoxon output and explain the findings. Discuss why you think the Wilcoxon is most appropriate for this data and if you have questions about the analysis. Respond to others about their findings and help if others need help explaining the results.
Students will post twice each week during each of the modules with an initial post on WEDNESDAY

Task 2: Both Ozzy Osbourne and Judas priest have been accused of putting backward masked messages on their albums that sublimially influence poor unsuspecting teenagers into doing things like blowing their heads off with shotguns. A psychologist was interested in whether backward masked messages could have an effect. He created a version of Britney Spears's Baby one more time' that contained the masked message 'deliver your sould to the dark lord' repeated in the chorus. He took this version, and the original, and played one version (randomly) to a group of 32 people, Six months later he played them whatever version they hadn't heard the time before. So each person heard both the original and the version with the masked message, but at different points in time. The psychologist measured the number of goats that were sacrificed in the week after listening to each vversion. Test the hypothesis that the backward message would lead to more goats being sacrificed using Wilcoxon signed-rank test (DarkLord.sav)