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Modern World SP23 History
Qn1. Which of the following groups of people was NOT targeted in the Holocaust?
Qn2. Which of the following refers to the period when Germany was in a state of war between Britain and France, but no military engagements took place?
Qn3. Which of the following tactics was NOT used in Blitzkrieg wars?
Qn4. Which of the following is NOT true about the Battle of the Bulge?
Qn5. Between _ Jews were killed in the Holocaust, most of whom came from
Qn6. Where did the D-Day invasions take place?
Qn7. Which of the following largely contributed to the Fall of France?
Qn8. For which of the following reasons did the United States decide to use an atomic bomb against Japan?
Qn9. Who was the prime minister of Great Britain during Germany’s attacks in 1940?
Qn10. The United States dropped two atomic bombs in Japan: one on the city of _ and the other on the city of _______________.