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In modules 1 and 2, we identified two broad groups of economic factors; households and firms. In our study of demand, we looked at households as consumer units affecting demand for goods and services in the product market. On the supply side of the product market are the economic (or business) firms that are the producers (and sellers) of goods and services.

When economic times get tough, some businesses experience downturns that lead to the loss of jobs or going out of business. However, there are some businesses that survive and often thrive as a result of economic struggles.

Drawing on what you have learned so far, what type of products or business would survive in a recession? Please discuss individual behavior theory in support of your choice (Expertsmind).

You must first post your answer(s) before you can see the other students’ posts. Submit your initial post(s) early in the module.

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Expertsmind. (n.d.). Question regarding the behavior and production

Locate any report or periodical article that contains at least two different graphical representations of data or use one of the supplied articles. Interpret the graphs and present your findings in a brief PowerPoint presentation (6-10 slides).

PowerPoint Assignment Instructions Instruction

Complete the following: Article Identification. Use one of the articles listed under Article Options subheading below or find an article in Forbes or other business journal or an annual report from a publicly traded company that includes at least two data graphs or tables. The graphs should depict or represent data using pie charts, bar charts, tables, scatter plots, trend lines, et cetera. Read the article and identify the business context.
Business context includes organizational history, mission, product and services, environment, competitive advantage, competition, et cetera. You can also determine business context from additional sources (and you should). The company or organizational background information should help explain why the data are relevant. This will be the introductory information for your business report, presentation, or assessment. Interpret your chosen data representations in the context of the business situation. The following are typical questions an analyst would use to interpret the data: What is being measured (the variables)? What are the relationships among the variables? What are the trends in the data? How can the data be applied in the business context? Create an effective 6-10 slide PowerPoint deck with detailed presenter's notes (including citations and reference slides) elaborating on each point that will be presented at a departmental meeting.
For example: Organization/business context. Relevance/importance of information. Source of data set and any limitations? Graphic of data 1 - with interpretations of graph. Graph of data 2 - with interpretations of graph. Importance of data analysis in terms of business context. Summary. Reference slides. An effective PowerPoint presentation for this purpose typically includes: One title slide, APA formatted. 1-2 introduction slides explaining the business context.
Several slides. You should copy and paste (insert) the graphs or tables and include an appropriate citation. Each slide should include detailed speaker notes. Several slides. Include your interpretation of each graphical data representation. Conclusion slides in which you explain how the data may affect the business context or how it could be applied in your business context to inform decision making. Slide with at least four APA-formatted references, including the source of each graph.

PowerPoint Presentation Assignment.docx

Anatomy and Physiology Assignment

Describe the structure of the body, from simplest to most complex, in terms of the six
levels of organization.
Compare and contrast at least four medical imagining techniques in terms of their
function and use in
Name the 4 quadrants and 9 body regions of the human body?  Why is it important to
know these quadrants and regions?  Know the structural breakdown before you answer
this question.
 Define the following terms:
o gross anatomy  
o microscopic anatomy
o macroscopic anatomy
o regional anatomy
o systemic anatomy
o physiology